Other Side Of The World

Are you familiar with a feeling when you are reading an awesome blog and everything that is written is so true and you can relate to it? I will do my best to write various blog posts and make you feel like you are not alone, because you are never alone in how you live your life, what you do, mistakes and feelings.


Just a regular girl with dreams. Dreams so big it scares the living crap out of me. I live in small city of St. Catharines in Ontario, Canada. Legal name is Kristina Magdić, with exact spelling, for over a year now I’ve been spelling it Kristina Magdich, and very often people call me Kristine, which is okay. I’m simply Kris. When I was a kid, about 10 or 11 I started to imagine myself to be on another part of the world, Canada to be exact. No, I am not Canadian, and no I am not from Quebec ( what people guess from my weird accent ). Croatian born, in Rijeka, lived my whole life on an island, the most beautiful, Island of Krk. Small town kid, huge dreams. Fast forward to 13 years later, 24 I got an opportunity to go to Canada and get Canadian education. So I went for it a year and half later. I was 25, a loan to pay, and two suitcases to go to the other side of the world. No family, no friends to go with me. At that point I was an adult, so I can take care of myself and my mom didn’t raise me to be a crying baby.

Now I am here, trying to live my dreams, ups and downs. Lost myself even more and trying to find myself all over again. It has been over a year and within that year I am Human Resources Graduate, had one job for a year, did an unpaid and the most awesome co op. Now I’m trying to work towards independent life with a full time job in a tech company and enjoy what I have.

No, it wasn’t easy, it was hard as fuck. My life wasn’t the greatest back home, but I had to leave everything that I had for 25 yrs, it wasn’t much but it was enough. I landed and wanted to get back home with the next flight. That night I was crying and questioning if I am doing the right thing. And then I got it ! You have a new book to write, not a new page, or a chapter, but a book! Make best of it! So I am making the best. I miss my family and friends, animals, being able to get around without the Google Maps. It’s still hard, but I still have my parent’s support, when in bad days my mom can pick me up even on the other side of the world. But I now want to go with my life goals.

I hope when you read my posts you can relate and know you are not alone.






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