One Duffel Bag for 2 week vacation


That picture above, that was my duffel bag to travel from the Netherlands to Croatia. I went for vacation for two weeks to my hometown, even with staying at my parents I still had to pack everything essential because I went to a wedding and few other road trips.

This was not my first rodeo and first time traveling alone with as fewer things I can. To be honest, if I didn’t have the wedding to attend my bag would look emptier.

  1. Use one clothing item in more than one way

This for me was a maxi skirt and a short dress, also solid color shirts, white and black. The skirt was able to go with both my shirts and with the sandals that I had for the wedding too, I was able to dress it up and down. So I had 3 T-shirts and 2 tank tops, a skirt, a dress, dress for the wedding, capri pants, shorts and my swimsuit. The reason I knew what to take was that I had most of my days planned, and if my clothes were dirty I would wash them. Of course, there were unplanned days but not too bad that I couldn’t handle with few items.

2. It’s Summer, forget about the make up

Seriously thou, it was so hot that even when I had to do a bit of makeup, it was BB cream and mascara. I had with me full makeup because of the wedding, was doing my own and my friends make up. ( I kid you not, it took half of my bag ).

3. Sweetheart, you don’t need 15 pairs of earrings

Okay, I bought one pair while I was in Krk, and managed to lose them. When it comes to bringing accessories, it’s all about planning. You know what you packed, you know one item can be dressed up or down that dress so take it. So I took my all time fav Tree of life necklace, anchor stud earrings, and earrings for the wedding. I just put it in a ziplock and it was set.

4. Toiletries

I barely brought any, because I was staying at my parents’ house, so I was using my mom’s shampoo. sorry, mom. However, I do have the travel size packaging. Trust me for two weeks that all you need and try to multipurpose one thing like I do baby oil, great for taking off makeup and amazing as a body oil if you didn’t try, please do.

5. Shoes

I had my plain black, can’t get more simple sandals, wedding sandals and my converse in which I traveled. Again, pack shoes according to where you are going, you might need runners, travel in them coz they take most space.

6. Don’t forget your electronics and underwear

I basically took one charger for the wall, one portable and I stuck them in my packing cube that I had my socks and underwear.

7. Ask

If you are in lack of something ask. Ask your parents, friend, boyfriend. I saw that my mom had a great face cream and I asked if I can use it because I didn’t take mine, I didn’t take my converse for one road trip, I asked my friend if she has an extra pair I can have for the day. Don’t go out and buy things that you won’t be able to pack. I was tempted so many times, and I am happy I said no.

8. Signature Essentials

I can’t travel without a book, water bottle, headphones ( large ones and earplugs ) and sunglasses. So that is something I took with me that I think someone else can go without.

As common as it sounds, less is more. I had an advantage because I was going to my parent’s house for the stay and I already reached out to my friends what are we doing. Even if I wasn’t going there I would still plan out how my vaca would look. Also, I want you to keep in mind that I traveled by bus and train, so I wanted to be as fewer things as possible. And I repacked 4 times, every time taking something out and did not regret it. 🙂 Also to save money while having the long ass travel, I had a backpack that was a cool bag for food and drinks I prepared and bought at a supermarket.

Here is a bit of a photo diary:


^ this was 6 am in my house in Holland, my brother drow me to Koln, Germany to grab a bus


^ here I got to my hometown, this is my cat, Giselle, and my hometown is called Krk, in Croatia.



^ .. this is Rijeka and my car selfie on the way to our wedding dinner. The stairs are Trsat stairs in Rijeka, and the wedding was my first road trip too. I stayed in Rijeka for 5 days.


^ .. this was the second road trip, to Slunj, and we got to Rastoke, what an amazing place.


^ .. this was my final few days, spent at the beach and reading Girlboss.

IMG_20170823_094253_284 < .. this was waiting for the bus. I was on the way to Koln.


^ .. I got to Koln train station in the center and got my train ticket to Brussels, Belguim, from there I took another train to Netherlands.

.. to be honest, I don’t know if I would suggest to anyone else that much train and bus hopping if you don’t know the train and bus system, I changed 3 buses and 2 trains.

Hope this helped and made you think about traveling a bit more or taking a close road trip because you don’t have to go on the other side of Europe like me to have a great vaca.

With Love.



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