Things I’ve learned living abroad

No matter how bad you think it was, now is worse and back then was better.

A short history of countries I’ve lived in. Born and lived in Croatia until I was 25 and after graduating from Unversity of Rijeka I decide to try my luck in Canada ( keep in mind it took at least a year of prepping, so I started panning around 24 ). In Canada, I was for almost 3 years when all my visa option ran out and I had to leave in order to get another permit. So I moved to the Netherlands, where my brother with his family lives because going back to Croatia was not an option.

I loved Canadian people, work ethics, winter I only missed my family. Now I am closer to family and with family and wishing to be in Canada. What it is when you have a chance to live in different countries you always miss the other one?

From living in different countries I have learned that even my family is not with me all the time I still call Canada “home” because I have learned that people can be accepted and life can be okay. Also if you want to hop countries, don’t buy a lot of stuff, I have learned how to live a bit more minimalistic in the Netherlands because I don’t’ want to pay for extra baggage and life is simpler.

Also, English is a universal language but not in a non-English speaking country. Yeah, it is possible to find a job in the Netherlands but you will find it very challenging if you don’t speak Dutch. And try choosing a bigger city, not a village.

Reversed culture shock is a thing! How rude someone can be and not say “thanks” when I hold the door form them! And a fkn smile will not kill the customer service, and when I ask you how are you today, it is called BEING NICE and SMALL TALK. So yes, I got used to being super nice, saying thanks and sorry for everything.

The country you choose to live in will shape you. In different ways. From the way you act, think and present yourself. It will change you and you better hope it will be for better. You will never go on a bigger and heavier emotional rollercoaster than living outside your comfort zone. I also realized I can take it as a new page of my life, and all I want now is go back to that page.

If you want to live in another country that you don’t know a living soul, do it! If you can do it and see what you are capable of achieving. 😉

With Love, and cheers to the first post in 2018.




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