Life After Grauation

“The energy you’ll expend focusing on someone else’s life is better spent working on your own. Just be your own idol.” ― Sophia Amoruso

Most of us graduated at least once. Some of us graduated few times in our short lifetime.

We are thrown into the system called school very young, and then you do a bit more of school thinking: This is IT! I will go to College and graduate and I will have a job and I will KNOW what I want in life, finally. NOPE.

I graduated from University and thought okay, I can do this, I will now be an engineer! You know what happened, I was still a bartender ( but with a diploma ). I blamed it on the economy, but truth to be told, I actually didn’t know what to do after graduation so it was easier to stick what I knew, making lattes.

The second time around when I graduated, I knew it! I knew this is what I want to do. umm.. little did I know, the system sucks and that is not really what I want to do. I did work in my field for few months after my internship and got a job as a tech support advisor. NOW THAT HAD TO BE IT!

Nope. After a year I got stuck, I wasn’t using my full creative potential and even thou I liked my job, paid well, great managers, I still DIDN’T HAVE IT FIGURED IT OUT.

There is a great point one of my favorite YouTuber Victoria ( a.k.a. FemmeHead ) she said in one of her Q&A:

“Life after graduation is like you are dropped into the ocean. You can swim whichever way you want but you don’t know which way to swim, which direction you need to go.”

That is by far the best explanation of life after graduation. I have a feeling that in today’s society we are trying so hard to love what we do and have it all figured out as soon as possible. When you look at your parents’ life, they did the same job for decades, had most of it “figured out” by their 20s.

They didn’t have it all figured out

I actually talked to my mom and dad about this. And asked them how did they manage to live their life having the same job, working the same job every day. A job that I know they didn’t love, it was just a job. And that is what my mom told me, it’s JUST a job. As long as it was paid we didn’t care that much. My dad said: Do you think I loved to be in constructions working 12 hours a day? No. But I did it because I had to and that was my skill set.

All they got figured out is that hard work pays off and that is how life goes, at that time.

So no one has it figured out, so why would you stress it out after graduation.

With Love and don’t forget to smile.



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