2018 start, where you’re at?

It has been a month, almost with new year kicking in.

May I say that I finally am sticking to some of my 2018 goals and it feels hella good.

It took me a lot of New Year failed resolutions and to finally starting to keep the promise. I mean, you can start your resolution whenever you want but New Year is kind of obvious.

I used to fall off the wagon within a week. I know those resolutions don’t make me a better person or more organized but it actually feels great to keep up with them. Also starting with it before the actual new year makes it easier too. Not to wait for that January 1st to hit.

The first month of 2018 is almost over but does that mean you should stop trying? NOPE. You go ahead and try again to hit your goals and again and … and how many times you need. There is a good old saying: YOU DO YOU!

I wish someone told a younger me that a commercial type of setting goals is not set for New year and if you fail once just pick up yourself up. It feels good when you start something and stick to it. It is sort of an adrenaline and you just keep doing it and achieving your goal until you reached it and move to another.

If there is a living soul that wonders what the hell did I set myself to do this year, let me tell you. This. Blog. I love it with every inch of my body and I wanted to be on schedule for posting and have it organized so I don’t get lost and I actually get shit done.

Second is tracking my finance for each month since now I have an actual paid job. No worries, nothing fancy just a warehouse worker but it gets me out of the house and pays the bills for right now. The list goes on. Yes, I never tracked my money but that is because I was kind of okay with not spending too much but since I am in the Netherlands and I really want to do more traveling while I am here I need to control my spendings more in order to make those trips true. Oh and read the books that I haven’t read yet but I have them on mine “to read” pile.

So there it is. One month behind us and next thing you know I will be doing another 12 days of Christmas.

Utilize your time wisely. Don’t forget to be a bit egoistic and achieve goals that YOU want to do, regardless what everyone else is telling you.

With Love and don’t forget to rock 2018.




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