1 year 3 countries.

Country hopping.

I really think that should be a thing. No jokes. What do people think when they live in more than one country. I am not sure from which country I am anymore. Are you Dutch, Croatian, Canadian? I don’t know. The curse and a blessing of living in multiple countries.

A quick timeline of the year that passed by. From living and working in Canada due to immigration I had to leave and I moved to Holland. Babysitting and living in Holland for 8 months until February. That was when I booked a ticket and came to the country where I left for the first time, Croatia.

It is great to be all over the globe and it also sucks to leave when you make friends. would I do it all over again? Yes! Just a bit different.

Having basically no steady place to come back sucks. Thinking you can settle somewhere and then getting a slap of reality in your face, sucks too. I wouldn’t keep my hopes up. I would make most of it for the experience but not making my life somewhere.

I country hopped because I had to. Kind of.

As a lost 20-something-year-old I wanted everything but living in Croatia. And the path leads me to Canada. Got a cat, fell in love, loved the country and slap from immigration, gotta leave and get another permit. Got my ass in Holland. Loved it, found weird friends, and left, again. Now I am where it all started, back in Croatia. Feeling like an outsider and eager to see the world but I know I have to make some choices and be an adult, not a sloppy almost 30-year-old trying to figure out what to do.

It is a great adventure, but that is all it should be, an adventure that will make your life richer with people and places you have seen but always have a place you can come home to and unpack.

There are great things from living in different countries and some less great things, as everything in life.

Whatever your choices will be, make them count. Make stories you can tell and don’t do anything for the wrong reason.

With Love.






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