Also known as WORK.

For someone that hasn’t been in the hospitality industry for over 3 years is kind of scary to jump right back into it. But it’s okay. I can do it. Can you?

What happens when you have been out of a certain industry ( or country ) long enough to feel like you are a newbie all over again? Calm down first. It will be okay. The employer wouldn’t hire you if they didn’t know you were fit for the job.

Dress accordingly. Especially in tourism, you represent the company and your country to a large ( and I mean insanely large ) group of people every day. Be on top of the game. One thing that threw me for a bit was what paperwork do I need now to sign the contract, what has changed and what are the employment laws. So don’t be an idiot like me, do your homework beforehand. Ask your friend, mom, sister or uncle.

Google your questions first.

No joke. Do I know what is the software used at a specific position I am applying for? No. Will I Google it and watch YouTube videos to see it? Hell yeah.

Be a team player.

I mean, try hard. Try harder. Don’t gossip just do what you do best and what you are put to do.

Also, informal gatherings, still, don’t trash talk another employee. Bite your tongue.

Even if you are back at work after a long time of being somewhere else or even home. You can do this. You got this.

Oh, and read.

Do yourself a favour and read those non-fiction books that I recommended about personal development  

More you hear and read about other professionals out there the more you will understand how work environment goes around and how to keep your head up.

With Love.



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