Leave Your Mark

Another month another book to talk about that blew me away.

This book is a self-help, self-development book that is written by Aliza Licht. Aliza puts in 259 pages her own professional view on today’s career paths and sharing her own story f how she became “a product” of social media with DKNY PR GIRL Twitter account.

This is not just another self-help book that is trying to be goofy in share details about their career path. In this book, there are clear pointers dos and don’ts to start acting and how to utilize even the slightest opportunity in your favour to learn and grow.

I think it gives some hope and encouragement for someone that may not be in their early 20s to let them know and explore what they actually want to do.

With her own story, Aliza shares other stories, of people that are “just regular” people that no one will know about, but they made their path and anyone can do it.

I read a number of self-help books and I thought #GIRLBOSS is the one for me, turns out it can get better, I got my hands on Leave Your Mark.

I got my copy while I was in the Netherlands through bol.com but anyone can find it on Amazon

If you ever have time and feel like your career or your current job is not giving that much joy check this book out.

With Love.



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