Friends helping friends

It has been a few weeks ( or more ) since the last post, but hey, here we are!

This one is my VERY FIRST COLAB! 

Stay for the ride and be sure to check out Marcela’s blog, called Marcella’s Mind.

I know it’s weird that people would actually ask little me to collaborate. So here I am. All the beautiful people of the world.

but first…just a bit of introduction…

I am an earthling trying to live this life and write about it. Also, Let It Land is all things great. Well, at least what I think are great, music, books and some more books. Oh, and I try to document my travels and tips on travels. Work-life- balance things that I mostly learn from my own life or read in books. Yes, I read, a lot. My origins are Croatians but I traveled on the other side of the world (aka Canada) to soul-search and everything in between

This one is all about HOW WHAT AND WHY blogging..

…shall we

1. Why did you start writing a blog?

To share my story and maybe help someone along the way to know that there is someone else sharing the same pain or to fangirl over the same music, books etc.
2. Did you investigate blogosphere before you got yourself into blogging?

Not really. All I did was asked a friend that started a blog. A college friend in Canada that I think was pretty cool at writing and it all started then.
3. What is the hardest thing about blogging for you?

The hardest thing at the moment is to keep up with a schedule I set up for myself. Having a full-time job but not wanting my writing to suffer.
4. Best tips you read or heard?

Persistence, try and do it and it doesn’t happen overnight it takes time to build everything.
5. Do you want to be the professional blogger?

In the words of a great artist James Hetfield: HELL YEAH!
6. Your fav social media is

…Goodreads 😀
7. Five things I wish I knew?

Keeping on schedule is everything, don’t be shy about blogging, don’t let judgment put you down, reach out to people you admire ( in a non-stalking way ).
8. Did you ever attend a webinar for bloggers?

9. Your fav blogger is…

There are few. I read a lot of different categories of blogs to keep an open mind and learn new things and read about different opinions. But I would say, Kalyn Nicholson

10. Your main goal for this year?

Be better than last year. Always try to be better.
11. Some tips for new bloggers?

You can research as much as you want but all you have to do is start. That’s it, start without any fear of what someone will think.

That’s all from me. be Sure to head over to Marcela’s blog

With Love.



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