A letter to my generation…

If you are a millennial, chances are that you are around 30, or getting close ( like me ).

And that’s fine.

And for some of you life is going great ( by the definition of the society ) and for the rest, well, the rest is just trying to go through this life alive.

Our late night hours are filled with binge-watching  90’s shows on Netflix and looking up YouTube videos  “How To Adult 101”. And life itself is okay. You have no right to complain because someone else has it worse than you.

Why did we become so addictive to adulting, in the right way? What is adulting and does anyone actually has it down to explain it to me, please.

We get overly excited about new Maroon 5 song and consume more things than we can afford.

We try to live up to this standard the world that we made actually. Because we are the generation that still recalls how it was without technology but was also the first one to see it and it took a greater influence on us then we expected.

We want to work from home and more flexibility and still, we fail on ourselves. At least that is what the society says.

Social media made us forget about reality and just showcase what is great even if it is not great and you are falling apart the very moment you are taking the picture.

Up until a while ago, my life motto was: fake it until you make it.

We are faking all these years that we got eaten up by the fakeness and it is our fault. Yes, the social media helped it along. Expectations made us say yes to things we despise and working hard until your employer take every ounce of your energy.

How can we love someone and say yes to “until death do us apart” when we can’t learn to love ourselves?

We are coming up with all these great solutions and discoveries meantime we are crying inside and destroying the inner child that used to remind us that small things matter.

We are hating on everyone and getting offensive about anything. Want to be a feminist in the same day saying: it’s not a girl’s job to do that.

Didn’t we all dream about a different life than the one we have right now? Didn’t we want to be greater than life and help anyone and do everything?

We became empty and modern slaves of social media and money making machines for our bosses.

How will our future change if we don’t stand up. Stand up for ourselves in our own mind and the rest will follow.

For the better future, with Love.



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