Summer book club

I mean… I will just share the books that I plan to read this summer if you care to join the ride be free to do so.

Some books I have started reading and some of them I am still waiting to get to my address.

Forgive me, I’m being a bit crude and rude about this, but I can’t make the reality prettier than it is: sad, grim, and funny all at once.
― The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen

Books for this summer read are mostly fiction, one maybe passes as non-fiction.

Shall we …

  1. The Diary Of Hendrik Groen. 83 1/4 Years Old – from what I have noticed we still are not really sure who wrote this book and if Hendrik is a real person but none of the less, it is hilarious. I am about 20 pages in and this old dude that hates old people and has a wicked sense of humor is just amazing
  2. Love, sex, and other foreign policy goals by Jesse Armstrong – about 70 pages in and it is a different kind of book. A story about of group of people that want to do some good in the war that was happening in Bosnia and Croatia. Different characters with different background somehow managed to work out and go on this trip. It might not the lightest read and something I expected but it is interesting.
  3. Looking For Alaska by John Green – After I fell in love with The Fault In Our Stars I just had to get another John Green book. I never laughed and cried so much just with one book like I did with his. So I am super excited about this one.
  4. Keep You Safe by Melissa Hill – Read few Melissa Hill books and I fell in love with the romance she writes about. The type of romantic novels she writes made me fall in love with romance
  5. In conclusion, don’t worry about it by Lauren Graham – I love Lauren as an actress and her Talking as fast as I can book amazed me. I might be biased for this one but I really can’t wait for this to get to me

I do have more books on my shelf to read but I will stop at 5. Think it is realistic. All the links are from, a Dutch website that I generally buy all of my books from. Because A) they have it in English and B) it’s fast and cheap.

A quick disclaimer. I am NOT sponsored by I just use them the most. If they want to work with me I won’t say no. 😀

Read a book this Summer. If you read a book from the list let me know and if you have personal favs let me know too!

With love.



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