Island of Krk


I might be a bit biased towards this topic, but I truly think Krk is the best island on the coast of Croatia. Not because I grew up here. ūüėÄ

It developed quickly, with great positivity. Clearest water you will see, the most warm-hearted people you can meet and the loudest crowd you will hear.

Because it is close to Italy, there are so many similarities to how we act, talk and go about our life.

Body language… and face can read everything of our face gestures. Oh and those hand motions. The Italian mode, it just got built in our system. For every village or city, there is an Italian name for it. Krk also has a name in the dialect which is Veja, which was taken from the Italian version of the name for Krk, Veglia.

Pretty much most known for fresh fish and olives, you can’t miss trying figs, dry or fresh.

Religion used to be everything and we still hold it close to our hearts and maintain tradition. Roman Catholicism influenced school, architecture and helped this, once a poor island. Because of very hot summers and harsh, windy and dry winters, people learned to use whatever mother Earth gave them. Making most out of everything people learned to value every cent and everything they made with their hands.

Now, enough about that. These are the sites I think are worth visiting and might not be on every other list of “what to visit in Krk”.

  1. Churches – as I mention the island as the majority of Croatia is Roman Catholic-based and the churches are worth to see, even if you are not religious. I find the art amazing and the peace and quiet are amazing.

Chruch of St. Francis                                                     Krk Cathedral



2. Submarine trip – this one I took randomly and I loved it. Around 40 kuna for about 45 minutes and it is amazing.



3. KoŇ°ljun Island – a tiny island in Puntarska Draga bay. It is approximately 300 meters in diameter and covers an area of 6.5 hectares, but is rich in vegetation. The only inhabitants are a group of¬†Franciscan¬†monks living in St. Mary’s Monastery.


4. Take a boat trip – entire day cruising around the beautiful sea, getting to see great beaches. Breathtaking.


5. Frankopan Castle in the city of Krk.¬†Frankopan Castle on¬†Kamplin¬†was raised by¬†Croatian¬†noble¬†family of¬†Frankopan¬†through several centuries and several generations. After the death of the first Count (knez) of Krk Dujam I Krńćki, his sons continue to dominate over the island and the town of Krk. They left first architectural traces in the town of Krk. The oldest part of¬†fortification¬†is the square¬†tower¬†with the¬†diocese, in which Frankopans¬†courtroom was located. The inscription on the lunette over the entrance confirms that the building was raised in 1191, during the time of Bishop John and counts Vid I and Bartol I (Dujam’s sons), with the help of the entire municipality.



Of course, there is a lot more to see, a lot more to experience. Also, it all depends on what you aim for. The villages and small towns on the island are worth visiting, like BaŇ°ka, Malinska or Vrbnik.

Shout out to my friend Sanne for taking some pics.

I think the city itself is not a party place, rather a place to have a calm and educating vacation with lots of sun and sea.

Until next time..

With Love.



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