oh those beauty trends

I have my 7th Heaven Mask on and remembering that one time I was so pumped to talk to a friend about cruelty-free ( who also said 7th Heaven masks are cruelty-free and to check it out, here I am now ).

There is a lot of cruelty-free brands, and products and choices. But let’s face it, they are hella expensive.

I turned to cruelty-free because I believe that in 2018 there should be a way to produce makeup without harming any living being. Call me naive but I truly believe that.

Big brand names are great, Too Faced and Kat Von D or Urban Decay… All of the brands I use too but there is also called a budget-friendly side of it. So here are the brands that I did some research on and use myself on daily basis.

  1. Catrice: from foundation to highlight, amazing products that last long and can build up to medium coverage. Here is their statement on the website:

“We do not carry out or commission any testing on animals for the manufacture of our products. This applies to the end products as well as to all ingredients. Our suppliers are also required to certify in writing that their products have been manufactured without testing on animals.”

2. Alverde: This brand is from a drug store call dm and it might be light coverage but it is natural and if you just need a bit of covering this brand is amazing. Not to mention it won’t hurt your wallet. Their mascaras are so far the best drugstore cruelty-free ones I tried. I actually sent them a message on Facebook if they are cruelty-free and this was their reply:

“Hey Kristina, yes, Alverde is 100% cruelty-free, from start to finish 🙂 Kind regards, Alverde”

3. Essence: a really low budget make up that is cruelty-free. When I was a bit younger and with less cash in my pocket, I use to buy this brand regardless. Finding out that they are cruelty-free is amazing. Here are the details:


With Too Faced, Anastasia BH, Urban Decay and Kat Von D, those would be my top cruelty-free brands and plus they are reasonably priced. I do love UD, Too Faced and Anastasia BH pallets and KVD eyeliner as well as bronzer, and I think from time to time, you need to invest slowly into high-end products too. None of the less, the drugstore brands also worked in some cases better than high-end ones.

I hope something inspires you to try cruelty-free. It’s really easy.

With love.



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