I am counting days and kind of months the last time I felt inspired to write, post or do generally anything except my FT day job…and sleep.

Finding inspiration ended up like finding Waldo

Hard as hell. And to be honest I kick myself not doing anything or pushing myself JUST BECAUSE I DIDN’T FEEL LIKE IT. What is going wrong here and why is this happening? And how it was so easy for me to fall into that hole of “I don’t feel like it” ?

I am a sucker so motivation talks and there is one by Mel Robbins that kicked me into actually thinking and getting to push myself.

We are all humans and regardless if you want to do something because it’s your dream or you really want to achieve a goal, we need to work hard. As it simple as it sounds, it’s pretty damn hard.

What works for me is having at least one person that will motivate you, or be in the same field you want to be so you can talk about it.

We are social beings but we don’t need a bunch of people to push us, we just need that one that will be that one spark of motivation and we will do the rest.

So if you are trying to find your inspiration, talk or connect to at least one person that will share the same passion and you will see on what have you been missing.

Make a schedule if that’s what you’d like.

Start somewhere. Start being your own parent.

With Love





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