A different side of Social Media

Social Media. Very delicate topic nowadays I think. Some say it’s a great thing that we alll can be sooo connected but at the same time, there are others saying we have never been disconnected.

What if from some social media you can find or at least search for, a dream job.

Yeah, it’s not about Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or the fourth one. It’s LinkedIn.

Yup, the professional social media. Where you can follow companies and CEOs from all around the world.

It’s nothing new to the world, but give it just a second. You can choose whichever company, in whatever part of the world you want and apply for it. Because it’s that easy.

Like everything else in life, what’s the worst that could happen? For you o get a no.

And you are given this opportunity to apply for your dream jobs. Take it. Sign up to LinkedIn and explore the professional world.

The competition is huge but have you ever before had an opportunity to apply to that job at Netflix, or IBM. While following the company on LinkedIn. I think it’s cool when you get a reply and they ask how you got hear about it and you say LinkedIn.

I used LinkedIn for my previous jobs and got to some interviews even had few offers made by companies around Europe and other parts of the world.

Don’t be shy. Do it. And make your resume amazing as if you are taking it to that face to face interview.

Some jobs are just not on Indeed or Monster.

To be what you thought you’d never be, you’ll have to do things you’ve never done.

With Love.



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